About Rentals

Based out of East Hartford, CT

Although we are based out of East Hartford, we can still travel to anywhere in Connecticut to drop off the booth for you. Being centrally located in the middle of the state does have it’s perks.

Quick Set Up

Our quick set up canopy system makes it really easy for us to set up, in under 20 minutes. What makes this system so great is the EZ Tube technology, which is a hollow aluminum bar which is very lightweight. The whole system itself only weighs 10 pounds. Easy to get to your location and quick to set up.

Indoor or Outdoor

The booth may be used both outdoor/indoor which have open air capabilities for natural lighting options and background.  We offer the newest technology  with green screen technology to be able to customize a background of your choice to specialize your exact function.

Customize your prints

Customize the look of your print out with header and footer wording. Add a logo or the name of the event to the bottom of the film strip so that guests can remember your event for years to come. From an advertising stand-point, this puts your logo front and center on their fridge or scrapbook.

22″ Monitor

The 22’ wide screen monitor counts down while you see yourself. This monitor can upload your photos to your email address so that you can share the pics on your favorite social network after they are taken! Set the stage for your customized  photo with LED lights and integrated IPod speakers to get you ready for your photos and another video screen outside the booth so everyone can see the photos and poses that’s going on inside the booth.

Pricing Packages

Standard packages offer double prints, self-laminating high resolution photo paper, customized headers, footers  video time, choice of color or black white prints, digital copy of photos on CD- best of all the photos will be ready in seconds!!

With our customized props for your event  and friendly attendants with the booth will make your event a special one that everyone will be talking about for a long time.



Additional Features

We also offer finishing options for your prints after they have been printed. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing any frames or cases for your photo booth pictures.